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NewsUpTown Media Inc. ( is an Independent News Media Agency. We are located out of New York. Our main goal is to deliver unbiased news reports from the Technology & Business world. We believe in providing the true figure and facts.  Truth reporting is the key to success and we have been believing that since the beginning. We have writers working from different parts of the world who are efficiently working and researching on each topic in order to provide people with accurate and relevant information. We do not accept any kind of assistance from the third party when it comes to the editorial section. We have a complete experienced editorial panel on board.

Why we started NewsUpTown?

NewsUpTown is a news portal which has been launched with an aim to provide the true facts and figures from the technology and business world. And it is true that there are several more websites dealing with news articles and are available in the market. The idea of NewsUpTown was to stand out from the rest by providing news articles on technology, business, world, and the US with in-depth research and analysis. This website keeps the readers updated with what are the technological advancement and new innovations that are getting launched into the market, what is the condition of the business and which company is trending in the list, what is happening all around the world and in the US. These four sections are separately categorized and when you will visit the website you will get the home page which has the amalgamation of all the trending news on each topic. This website is a complete package to all people who believe in browsing and reading news.

How was NewsUpTown formed?

NewsUpTown deals with news related to technology, business, world, and the US. The website began its journey with a few writers and co-workers and a small community. Looking into the potential for success in the field of exchanging information the idea of creating NewsUpTown was formed. It started to provide important or trending news with relevant and accurate information. It started gathering the trust of the people and within no time it experienced exponential growth and its reader count and now it has successfully launched itself as a trending website for gathering news on the four niches stated above.

Our Goal

We have been efficiently maximizing our community and enhancing the data sharing procedure. Just like we have thought in the beginning, we are continuing following the same path of providing content rich in information and quality and trending topics. We have successfully launched a website where a person can have a glimpse and get updated about what is happening n any corner of this world.

Meet our team of savvy Journalists: NewsUpTown Team.

If you have any query related to content we post or wish to tip us with any story you can either visit our contact us page or mail us at [email protected].

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